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York Concours Chrono 2016

6th - 8th May 2016
Oldtimer Car Rallye in three stages via the County of Schaumburg & around Bueckeburg Castle (Hanover area, Germany)

Competition (Concours) and time (Chrono) will accompany us during the days of the rallye at Bueckeburg Castle. The YORK Concours Chrono emerged through the spirit of pioneering and passion - and thus through the watch brand YORK. The rallye will take place for the fourth time and will again be more about clockwork precision than racy speed. We welcome personalities that already know (almost) everything and are still looking for something new. According to our maxim „Masterpieces that speak of history“ this event has a link to the family past. During the 1930s great uncle Maximilian Prinz zu Schaumburg-Lippe (called „Max Sause“, Speedy Max) gave distinction to the automobile sport and brought technical innovation to win.

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York Concours Chrono 2016

The Rallye-Watch

The first price is a limited rallye chronograph from the YORK Max Sause - Concours Chrono 2016 edition! Apart from the new design the special feature of this year‘s edition is the strap made from the old Ferrari 275 GTS Spider leather. In addition to that the starting number of the winning team will be engraved onto the watch rotor. Get your engine started!

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Max PrinCE Of Schaumburg-Lippe

Technique and Pioneering spirit leading to win

Following a career in private banking which landed him on the board of a Berlin insurance company, Max Prince of Schaumburg-Lippe decided only after that to truly accelerate - he became a successful racing driver for Mercedes and BMW. During his 15 years of active driving he was nicknamed “Prinz Sause“ (“Speedy Prince“) - the family named him “Max Sause“ - and truly helped shape the beginnings of motor sports. He raced with his team during the 1930s in Spa, Le Mans and in the “Mille Miglia“ and left his competitors in his tracks to the podium. Both, the driver and his co-driver, needed skill, endurance and highly technical precision to achieve this - merely half of all the teams that started were able to meet these challenges. Max Sause is the name given to our athletic chronograph.

Max Sause

Prinz Max im Gespräch mit Rennfahrerkollege Fritz Huschke von Hanstei.

Max Sause

Armaturenbrett des BMW 328, der später in Serie 464 Mal hergestellt wurde.

Max Sause

Prinz Max beim 24h Rennen in Le Mans 1939, Sieger in seiner Klasse.

YORK Concours Chrono

We start this year in partnership with the KAC (Imperial Automobile Club) and the AvD (Automobile Club of Germany).