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YORK is the luxury brand that ennobles fine customers worldwide with exceptional watches, jewellery and accessories made of the finest materials. Based on its 900 year old family history, York Prince Schaumburg-Lippe designs limited series tell the true story.

Princess Juliane

Cultural and social dedication

As the only female ruler of the house of Schaumburg-Lippe (1787-1799), she was ahead of her time. She fought against the occupation of her land following the death of her husband and was the original founder of the spa town of Bad Eilsen. At her request, her personal physician Dr Bernhard Christoph Faust composed his catechism on physical health, which was taught in schools. This unique chapbook became so popular that it was translated into almost every language spoken in Europe. During Juliane’s reign, the court at the Bückeburg residence became distinguished by its truly noble, exquisite education and fine taste. Founded by Count Wilhelm and directed by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach, the court orchestra became famous in its own right under the patronage of the Countess, herself a music-lover.

This jewellery collection is dedicated to Princess Juliane – a timeless modern woman.

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