Background and History

Timelessly beautiful

Since 2010, premium-quality timepieces are created by master craftsmen in a small manufacturing house in the idyllic, rural town of Rinteln in the Schaumburg district. Today, YORK watches, created in limited editions under the guidance of Prince York or specially made to suit customer’s individual wishes, find lovers all around the world.


Masterpieces created by hand

In the small manufacturing house in Rinteln, each watch is created by hand individually over the course of several days. YORK has tasked itself with reconciling contemporary history with design and technical delicacies The watch’s mechanisms are intricately worked and decorated or skeletonised by hand – true to the motto “Made in Schaumburg”.

Long years of experience are passed on to watch-lovers at special watch seminars – please contact our concierge service for more information and upcoming dates.
Using existing watch mechanisms and casings as a basis, YORK can also craft a watch to suit your individual needs. The “Fort de Lippe - Fantástica” was thus created, based on the wishes of a vintage collector. The straight-lined “Fort de Lippe – Classic” fulfilled the wishes of a business man from Hamburg and the intricate “Fort de Lippe Monaco Diamond” and the “Princess Diamond” were specially produced for a diamond and precious gem trader located in Monaco.
Please take some time, so that we can create a personal watch together, just the way you want it.


Silver dials, white ceramics finish and dials blue goldstone



The typical YORK pocket pointer- was installed for the first time in the period, as well as FORT DE LIPPE build.



A hand – skeletonized, decorated and gilded YORK movemen